Depending on the vehicle type and rental location, you may be asked to withhold a deposit, which you will get back when the rental period is over. You can lower your deposit amount by taking selecting premium package. 

  Deposit with basic package Deposit with premium package
Cars € 600 € 300
Vans, moving trucks and minibusses  € 1200 € 600 

*Please note that this is used as a guideline only. The exact deposit amount is shown for each individual vehicle during the booking process.

Why withhold a deposit?

We withhold a deposit to be sure the vehicle is returned in the same good condision as it was received in. If you return back the vehicle in the same condition the withhold amount will be released to your card again. If additional costs have been incurred such as extra kilometers, missing fuel, fines or similar, this can be deducted from your deposit.

The release usually takes 3-7 bank days, but up to 30 days in rare cases.