Rent a moving truck

Moving truck

Do you need help with your moving?

You have come to the right place! At Oscar you can easily rent a moving truck at an excellent price. You could safe the price of hiring a moving company and invest this amount on your new home!

You can move easily and cheaply by renting a moving van at any of the Oscar partner branches.

Rent a moving truck with Oscar

The majority of the partner locations offer moving trucks but there are some exceptions. Please, take note that there are some locations where there aren't moving trucks but we offer vans instead. 

To check availability of our moving trucks, you can search on the bar at the top of the page, inserting your city / postcode. The website will show you which types of cars are available near you.

Once renting a moving trucks you will have the following service included: liability and collision insurance and 200 kilometers per day.  

If you need more kilometers, you can always purschase extra kilometers. 

What do we offer?

At Oscar we have available moving trucks of different sizes. If you have lots to move, you will find the moving trucks that covers your needs. Lots of our moving trucks have a lift, so it will help you transporting all your belongings! 

We offer moving trucks with a bigger capacity of 20m2. But if you don't need that much space, you can always rent a small van or a trailer for a cheaper price. 

Rent a moving truck during the week

The majority of our locations offer lower rates from Monday to Thursday.

Our moving trucks as well as other car types have usually discounts for the weekdays rental. Take advantage and save money with our weekly prices!

Rules for the rental of our moving trucks

At Oscar, every person with a standard driving license can rent a moving truck. You just need to make sure to bring the driver's license and the ID / Passport for picking up the car.

If you are between 18 and 24 years old you can rent a moving truck, but note that we will need to charge a higher deposit, which will be refund (in case of no damage) once your reservation is finished.

If you would like to drive the car in a foreign coutry, we will charge a small fee before the rental period, just for insurance reasons.

In case you have any doubt, you will be welcome to contact our Customer Service either by phone at +34 518 88 83 83 or by email at [email protected].

You can search for a moving truck at the bar on the top of this page. Please, write the city or postcode and find the nearest location available. 

We are looking forward to helping you with your moving!