Oscar Car Rental prices in Spain

When renting with Oscar, you are supporting the local business and community. All locations in Oscar are independent and owning the cars connected. The prices displayed on the table underneath show the recommended prices in low season on a workday. Final prices are set by the individual locations based on their business needs and may vary depending on the day of the week and time of the year.

Please make a search for the city, period and car type you would like, to see available cars and prices for the period you wish to rent.

Type of vehicle 1 day from Price per extra km from
Micro car 20€ 0,13€
Small car 25€ 0,15€
Midsize car 30€ 0,18€
Big car 40€ 0,20€
Premium car 50€ 0,25€
Small van 40€ 0,20€
Medium van 45€ 0,23€
Big van 50€ 0,25€
Refrigerated van 70€ 0,25€
Isothermal van 70€ 0,25€
Minibus 6-7 seater 60€ 0,30€
Minibus 8-9 seater 70€ 0,35€
Flatbed truck 30€ 0,15€
Moving truck 55€ 0,28€
Moving truck with lift 60€ 0,30€
Autocamper 70€ 0,35€
Kilometers included 200 km  

* All prices are incl. liability and comprehensive insurance, VAT and 200 km per day.

Consecutive days discount

The consecutive days discount only applies if the booking is created with the required amount of days and will not apply or change in case of an extension due to extra administration cost. If the booking is shortened, the discounts will change according to the amount of days the booking ends up being.

Days Discount
3 days 5%
5 days 10%
7 days 15%
15 days 20%
21 days 25%

* May not apply to all car types. Discounts do not apply to long-term bookings over 28 days.


Save money and purchase extra kilometers in advance. The discounts given on extra kilometers are applied automatically in the booking process and must be added before the booking starts. Please note that overdriven kilometers will not be discounted.

Number of km Discount
100 km 10%
200 km 20%
300 km 30%
400 km+ 40%

* Discounts do not apply to long-term bookings over 28 days.

Long-term rental

If you would like to rent a car for more than 28 consecutive days, you can check out our selection here or call our customer service at (+34) 951 12 93 33 and get a non-binding offer on long-term rentals.

Cross border insurance

If you want to drive to a foreign country in an Oscar rental vehicle, you MUST inform the location and agree upon it. The price for driving in a foreign country depends on the vehicle type, the number of traveling days, and the location.

Extra driver for the rental car

It is possible to have an additional driver added to the lease. The extra supplement costs from 5€ per day.


Fuel is not included in our rental prices. Please return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel as when you picked it up.


The deposit amount vary between type and location. Read more here.

Coupons and discounts

When renting with Oscar, you are supporting the local business and community in Spain. Our prices are set to be competitive in the area you are searching and are customized by the locations. Due to this, we usually do not offer any discounts on car rental, but you can read about our discounts and specials offer here.