Rent a minibus at Oscar

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Are you going on a trip with your family or friends?

Feel the freedom!

At Oscar you can rent a minibus which allows you to go on holidays, on a weekend or on a business trip. You won't have the problem of coordinating all the people in two or three cars and you will safe some money, driving all together in the same car!

You will have the possibility to choose between different type of minibusses, depending on the activity you would like to do! Just keep reading and you will discover all the benefits of renting a minibus with Oscar.

Rent a minibus all over Spain

You won't need to travel a long way to find the nearest partner location because we have a network of partner locations across Spain. In the majority of our location you can rent minibusses of different sizes. So, you will have the opportinty to choose which type of trip you want to do: a weekend break, long holidays or a business trip.

Sizes of the minibusses

We offer different sizes with seats for 6-9 people. You can rent a smaller minibus from just 70€ per day.

If you need more space, you can also rent a larger minibus from just 95€ per day.

Both types of minibusses have enough space for your luggage and your other belongings.

The rental includes: 100km per day and both liability and collision insurance.

In case you need some extra kilometers, you can always include it. You will be in time to add kilometers at a cheaper price until the same day the reservation begins. Check mileage discounts here

Easy rental!

We would like to help you with the reservation process and this is why we made it easy and simple. Use the search bar on the top of this page and enter your city or postcode and the desired dates. You will then see all the minibusses available near your location. Just select your preference and you are ready to book! 

If you have any question or you need any help, please contact our customer service to +34 518 88 83 83 or on our email [email protected].

Important information

You can rent our minibusses with the standard driver's license (type B). Remember to bring it with the ID or Passport and show it at the location.

We don't have any age restriction. If you are between 18 and 24 years old, you can rent one of our minibusses but take note you will pay a higher deposit which will be refunded at the end of the rental if there is no damage made to the car.

In case you need to drive abroad, you must notify to the location.

Frequent questions

Do I need a special driver's license for the minibus rental?

No. You can rent a minibus up to 9 seats with the standard driver's license (type B).

How much does it cost to rent a minibus?

We don't have a fix tax for the rental but the price can be starting from 70€ per day. 

How do I get a discount for the minibus rental?

We don't have special discounts for the minibus rental but you can rent a minibus for a lower price from Monday to Thursday with our cheaper weekdays rate. 

Will I have to pay extra if I am under 25 years old?

No. We don't charge any extra fee for drivers under 25 years old. Take note that you might be charged with a higher deposit which will be refunded at the end of the rental in case of no damage made to the car. 

Note there can be age restrictions in some of the minibusses. Check it by clickling in "More information" when you select the type of minibus you want to rent.