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Rent a car from 25€ per day

We want to offer you an easy and simple booking process. Our cars fit your needs at an affordable price and without age limitations. The only requirement is to have a valid driver's license. 

With Oscar you can rent from just one day to several months in a row. You can find the cars available in your area, using the search bar that you will find at the top. If you want to find out about the advantages when renting with Oscar, you can read them in the bottom section of the page.

Affordable rentals

At Oscar, we would like to be affordable for everyone. We think rentals shouldn't cost a fortune and this is why we offer rental cars for 25€ per day. The price includes liability and collision insurance – so you can sit back and relax.

The first 200km are on us

The first 200 kilómetros are always included in the price. So, if 200km is not enough for your trip, you can always add extra km. Get more information about the prices here.

Find the car that fits better, close to you

We have many partner locations across Spain. Once you find the nearest car rental location, you will choose the range of cars. We offer everything from microcars, small, midsize, big cars, and larger family cars to 7-seaters. We are convinced that we have a car for your needs.

Almost all our partner locations are offering option equipment like GPS or child seats. The availability varies, depending on a car rental location; we recommend to call us on +34 518 88 83 83 in advance and check the availability of extra equipment. 

Pickup, driving abroad, and rental for young people

We just want to ease the booking process. This is why you will only need to bring your ID/Passport and a valid driver's license to pick up the car.

If you need to rent a car and drive abroad, please call our customer service at +34 518 88 83 83, and we will kindly inform you.

If you are between 18 and 21 years old, you can also rent a vehicle with us. Please note that some of the cars have an age restriction. Depending on your age, there may also be a higher security deposit, but don't worry because the deposit is fully refundable if there is no damage to the vehicle.

Do you need a bigger car? No problem!

If a normal size car is not enough for your trip, we suggest you check the other car types: vans, moving trucks, minibusses, trailers, and more. We are sure you will find the vehicle that fits better with your needs. 

If you want to rent a car for more than 28 consecutive days, our car subscription is the best option for you. With the subscription, you get the best solution and the best price without a long lock-in period. The following services are included in the price of the subscription: insurance, kilometers, green tax, and roadside assistance. Prices for a car subscription start from 15€ per day. You can read more about our subscription here.

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to rent a car?

You can rent a car for 25€ per day. The first 200 km per day and liability and collision insurance are already included in the price. 

Why should I choose Oscar Car Rental?

At Oscar, you will find a cheap rental with the country's best prices. We have a large selection of cars, easy online booking, and no hidden fees.

Do I have to pay extra if I am under 25?

No. We won't charge additional fees for people under 25. So you can rent a car for the same price even if you are under 25 years old. We will, in some cases, charge a higher deposit, but we will refund it in case of no damage to the vehicle. Please note that there could also be an age limit on some types of rental cars and can vary depending on the location.

Is there any cancellation fee?

For any cancellation within 48 hours of the pick-up time, we have the right to charge the full amount. If the cancellation is made before the 48 hours period, we will only charge 25% of the total price. For any doubt about cancellations, please don't hesitate to contact us at +34 518 88 83 83.

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