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Oscar Car Rental Puzol Carrer Serra Llarga, 10 y 12
46530 Puzol

Opening hours

Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Outside width
2,42 m
Outside height
6,85 m
Outside length
5,92 m
Inside width
1,95 m
Inside length
4,4 m
Load capacity
1540 kg

Yunque O2 Tandem

from €50.00 per day
-1 Seats
0 l/100km
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Car rental in Puzol

Puzol, Spain is a charming coastal town located in the Valencian Community of Eastern Spain. It is known for its historic Roman ruins and beautiful beaches, as well as its vibrant nightlife and lively culture. This small municipality has much to offer visitors, from delicious local cuisine to unique shopping opportunities. Puzol also boasts some of the best scenery in the region, providing stunning views of both the Mediterranean Sea and the majestic mountain ranges nearby.

Rent a Car in Puzol

Puzol is a beautiful town located in the Valencian Community of Eastern Spain. It boasts an impressive history that dates back to before the Roman Empire and has played a significant role in Spanish culture and politics throughout the centuries. Puzol is known for its stunning architecture, with examples of Renaissance and Baroque styles found throughout the town.

Top attractions in Puzol

  • A popular attraction in Puzol is the local beach. The sand here is soft, the water warm and inviting, and the views out over the Mediterranean Sea spectacular. Visitors can swim, sunbathe, or just relax and watch the waves roll in.
  • Foodies will also love exploring Puzol's culinary offerings. From seafood to traditional Valencian dishes, there is something for everyone. There are a number of fantastic restaurants where visitors can sample the local cuisine, as well as some excellent tapas bars.
  • For those interested in history, Puzol also has plenty of interesting sites to explore. The town is filled with beautiful old buildings and monuments, including the Church of San Vicente Ferrer.

So if you're looking for a relaxing getaway in one of Spain's most beautiful towns, consider Puzol! You won't be disappointed.

Do you have any questions about our car rental in Puzol?

In that case, read on. We have created a list of frequently asked questions from our customers about our car rental in Puzol:

What does a rental car cost in Puzol?

Our prices vary according to the collaborating branch where you book. You can book from €30 per day with Oscar Puzol, including third party insurance and 200km per day.

Am I authorized to drive a van or moving truck?

Yes, you are authorized to drive a van or moving truck as long as you have a type B driving license. You are more than welcome to have a look at our website to see what vehicles we have available for rent in Puzol.

What discount can be applied to my rental with Oscar?

By booking through our Oscar mobile app, you can access our membership program and get a 10% daily discount on bookings that are not long term. Use the app and search for Puzol to get a discount on your reservation.